Configuring traffic shaping on extreme

We have a somewhat overloaded NRP on our DSL network. Apparently there are a bunch of users on there who do lots of newsleeching. Although it isn’t a very nice solution, the decision was made to do some traffic shaping on port 119. I did it before, when some link was overloaded, but to memorize how I did it I’m just going to put it here 🙂

Take the following steps:

  • Log into the extreme
  • Configure an empty qosprofile: config qosprofile qp2 minbw 0% maxbw 30%
  • Create an accesslist: create access-list aclname tcp destination ip-port any source any ip-port 119 permit qosprofile qp2 ports any precedence 100

That’s all 🙂

You can see the effect right away with: show access-list aclname.

Bye now.


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