Upgrading a Cisco 7960G

Recently we bought a “new” set of 7960G Cisco IP phones. They are refurbished and apparently they are provided with callmanager firmware by default. We don’t want the CM stuff, as we’re using SIP everywhere. At first I couldn’t get a phone to dig a SIP firmware, which I had lying around. To upgrade a phone, take the following steps:

  1. Copy the image files to your TFTP directory.
  2. Create a SIPDefault.cnf file with the line: image_version: “P0S3-07-3-00”
  3. Create a SIP.cnf file with the same line.
  4. Create an OS79XX.TXT file with the line: P003-07-3-00
  5. Boot the phone.

Now you should be done. It’ll start upgrading after it boots and boot right into the SIP image afterwards. Be aware that this only works when you have the right image files in place. Also, it appears that you can’t upgrade phones which don’t have UAL/AL firmware installed. I haven’t verified it, but I read it on some forum somewhere.

When things don’t work, try to run a tcpdump -pni eth0 ‘udp port 69’ to see what files it’s looking for.

When you get stuck, pass me a note and maybe I can help out a bit.

Cheers 🙂

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