dreaderd dserver.hosts priority

We’ve had some problems with articles missing on our news platform. Today we actually found the problem and solved it. We had our spooler servers on the reader boxen configured with the same priority. We ran some tests on it to check when the reader found an article to be missing. At that point we could only see that it occurred at random times. Then we changed the priority from the same per spooler to incremental. So it sorta looks like this:

  • spooler1 s1Rp119 cache=off
  • spooler2 s2Rp119 cache=off

This actually worked. Although we don’t know yet why this is the case, we’re glad enough as it is it does. When I have some spare time left, I’ll dig into the dreaderd source to find out how this can be caused. The weird thing is that dreaderd doesn’t really give any notification as of why it is missing articles, unfortunately.

Oh well, enough other problems to take care off 🙂


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