Asynchronous method invocation and RequestScoped beans

The problem This week I ran into a problem with asynchronous method invocation and a RequestScoped bean. Consider the following situation. I have a JAX-WS web service with a SOAPHandler handling the authentication. In the SOAPHandler an object (let’s call it RequestContext) is filled with parameters specific to the request like the user and customer information) […]

Ghost glibc bug

As every self respected sysadmin should have heard by now, this week some security company named Qualys announced a very serious bug in the gethostby* functions of glibc. Although at first it seems very serious (the exim remote exploit), there are counter-noises describing that it’s not a ‘highly critical’ bug. Whatever they’re saying, I for one don’t […]

Site revamped

Today I decided that it was time for a visual overhaul of If you remember the old site, you may remember that there wasn’t anything useful on it, other than some very old apache patches and some useless links. Perhaps I’m going to be more active with this site, so please bare with me […]